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The World’s First and Only

Nanotechnologic Spray that Increases the Milk Production up to 80%
(Directly sprayed into the nose, 100% herbal, milk production increaser spray)

MilkBoost-19, which is developed by scientific researches that was continuing for long years, is a milk production increaser applied directly to animals’ nose in the form of nanocapsules by a spray.

This method, with its herbal formula, does not only increase the rate of the milk production by %80, but it also increases the quality of the milk, when it is applied once a day.

After the application of this product, regardless of the physical conditions of the animal, besides making the animal feel happy and comfortable, it also balances the secretion of oxytocin as increasing the rate of the milk production.

The questions about the MilkBoost-19, which can be used both for small ruminants and dairy cattle confidently, can be asked through e-mail-address of .

MilkBoost-19 is a product of Soley International Biotechnology Institute.

For “MilkBoost-19 Site Experiment Results” Click Here


-          The product is contained in 500 ml bottles. One bottle of MilkBoost-19 is used 1000 times. For 10 animals, for example, it can be used for at least 100 days.

-          It is sprayed to the nostril of the animal, once a day. By this, the production of milk is triggered.

-          It is applicable both for small ruminants and dairy cattle.

-          It is not harmful for the health of the animals.

-          It provides the milk production by making the animal feel happy.

-          It increases the rate of the milk production without containing any hormones, alcohol or chemicals.

-          It can be used in pregnant animals confidently.

-          Besides increasing the milk production up to 80%, it also increases the fat content and the quality of the milk.

-          This milk increaser decreases the feed amount required.


Nanocapsulated Extracts of “Actaea racemosa L., Cuminum cyminum, Trigonella foenum-graecum, Alchemilla, Ocimum sanctum, Astaxanthin, Phycocyanin”



FDA and GRIN Info:

Actaea racemosa L.:
Cuminum cyminum:
Trigonella foenum-graecum:
Ocimum sanctum:

For “MilkBoost-19 Site Experiment Results” Click Here


Total Price

20 Units (20x500ml)

1060 USD

100 Units (100x500ml)

4700 USD

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MilkBoost-19 is a product of Soley International Biotechnology Institute.

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