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Nanotechnological Starter Culture for Pasta-Filata Type Cheese
Ultra-Active, Highly Aromatic, High Anti-Fungal Protection


Main problems on commercial starter cultures in the market are their insufficient activity, insufficient reproduction in milk, bad aroma and insufficient fungal prevention.

Due to wrong lyophilization techniques without chelating (coating) the bacterial spores, using those starter cultures can give only %5-%12 activity in milk. This low activity causes insufficient struggle on fungal formation and on forming durable cheeses against ambient conditions.

Soley Biotechnology Institute developed a Nanotechnological Bacteria Coating Technique for easy reactivating in milk. Thus, starter culture can give at least %87 activity as live starter bacteria. SC-79 bacterial mixture can activate itself in milk in minutes to make delicious and durable cheese.

Ingredients: In Nanotechnological Coating as Bacterial Spores
Lc. lactis ssp lactis; Lc. lactis ssp cremoris; Lc lactis ssp lactis biovar diacetilactis; Leuconoostoc sp; St. thermophilus; Lb. rhamnosus; Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. Cremoris
(Not Contain Lactose)

Physical Properties: 1gr/U white powder
Live organism activity: <24 Minutes as %87
Recommended Dosage: 1 Unit for 1000Liters milk (1 Tube contains 10 Units for 10 tons milk)
Pack: 1000 Tubes (each tube has 10 Units culture).
Storage: Dark and Cool Places (not need to freeze).


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****1 Tube is for 10000Lt (10 tons) Milk****

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